Shooting | Editing

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Gatorade Commercial (Role:Shooter)

KidTainment – TV Presentation Reel (Role:Co-Producer-Director-Shooter-Editor)
I Co-Produced this TV Presentation Reel with Shannon O’dowd, and Lesley Demetriades of Marble Step Productions. Petra Lansky was 2nd Shooter.

Promotional video for kids Gym Dan The Man Superkids.(Role:Director/Shooter/Editor)

Documentary Short “Entertaining Demons”
(Role: Director/Shooter/Editor)

This was a spin off of one of the characters from ‘KidTainment.’ I took footage from that package and edited this as a short. I worked with Shannon O’dowd and Lesley Demetriades to make this happen as well.

More coming soon!

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